Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work in my car?
A. MusicMate™ works on any car. All you need to have is a car with a cigarette lighter outlet, a phone with Bluetooth, and a working radio!

Q. Will the signals interfere with others using the same device?
A. Nope, you will not receive interference unless you unplug your device! The radio receiver will always pickup the best signal within the area. So your own device will always be the closest/best signal and therefore override any other signals near your vehicle.

Q. How does it work?
A. MusicMate™ works by establishing a Bluetooth connection between it and your phone. MusicMate™ will then create a radio channel that essentially broadcasts the audio being outputted by your phone. Your car's radio will be able to pick up that signal, just like a regular radio station. Your car will play the sound being outputted through your phone, through the speakers in your vehicle.

Q. Can it play songs on a USB?
A. Yes, if you plug a USB into MusicMate™, it will begin to play the songs stored on the USB. You can skip, or go back, using the forward and back buttons on the device.

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. Shipping generally takes 13-20 days worldwide.